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Nail Salon in Northborough


Welcome to Lush Nail Lounge, where our services are provided by licensed technicians with years of experience. Attention to details, attentiveness and taking pride in exceptional results is what we strive for. At Lush Nail Lounge, we adopt the latest trends and styles, follow the utmost sanitation practice, and work tirelessly to provide our clients with an unforgettable experience. Everyday, our mission is to provide exceptional customer service in an environment that is health conscious, clean and packed with friendly employees, customers and great vibes. We love what we do, and providing you the service you deserve is something we take pride in and simply enjoy. It's "you" time, so sit back, relax and let us take care of the rest.

Sanitation & Air Quality

We take Health, Sanitation and Air Quality to a different level. We have invested heavily in a state of the art HVAC system that conforms with the International Mechanical Code. We are one of the first, and select few in MA to follow the International Mechanical Code where the source of fumes are directly exhausted from the vicinity of the working area, and not just from the top of the ceiling where fumes circulate in the surrounding area prior to escaping. Our manicure tables and pedicure chairs have specialized built-in vents that are directly connected to our HVAC system that allows the fume sources to immediately exhaust out the building.

All implements and tools are thoroughly sterilized. They are cleansed, individually package sealed and then cycled through a medical-grade autoclave sterilizer. Once sterilized, the already packaged implements are safely stored and ready for use. For each Manicure service, we provide our clients with a disposable file and buffer. While our Pedicure services include a disposable file, buffer, pumice and a santi-liner to give you a clean and mindlessly relaxing service.

Lounge, Relax and Enjoy

We're not asking for much, we just want you to relax and enjoy your time with us. So take your time, relax in our lounge area, we have a mini-fridge filled with all type of goodies and drinks. Soda, water, juice, fruit fused water, a Keurig for hot coffee, tea, you name it. Whatever is there, is up for grabs, and if we run out? let us know! 


We have a few tablets at the lounge area for you to use. All with popular apps, games, internet access and several movie streaming services. We have multiple TVs each with individual controls, so if there's something you'd like to watch and no one else is watching it? just ask! 

Lush Nail Lounge is the spot in Northborough to get pampered and relax. We want to make sure your experience here is well worth it from the minute you walk in, to the minute you walk out, so take your time and enjoy! 

Our Services

Your hands, one of the most used and exposed part of your body deserves a treatment and just like anything in life, they require regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. On top of the relaxing treatment and the glamour it offers, in general, one of the main reasons to get a manicure is to rejuvenate your hands, and to improve the overall health of your finger nails. A manicure prevents rough edges, dry skin, dry cuticles, prevents the likelihood of experiencing ingrown fingernails, and is a great hygienic practice. Learn more about this service!

Your feet are one part of your body that carries the most physical responsibility, and for multiple hours of the day it is enclosed. Exposed to moisture, heat and constant friction. Just like a manicure, aside from wanting to pamper ourselves and look beautiful, a Pedicure goes beyond that by providing great benefits and keeping the feet and toenails as hygienic as possible. Our pedicure services help prevent the growth of calluses by gently smoothing out the thickened areas that experiences the most friction, and applying special ointment and cream on the entire feet. Learn more about this service!

When natural nails aren't enough, and you want to enhance your nails to prepare for a huge event, or simply have nails that allow you to keep a specific look and style, our enhanced nail service will make you stand out from the crowd. Enhanced nails whether you go Acrylic or Gel, allows a larger surface to apply unique art, design and colors that fits any type of occasion. Great for clients who have soft or brittle nails where a healthy look is difficult to achieve naturally. All of our highly trained technicians will work with you to help bring out that look you've always wanted. Learn more about this service!

Looking for Eye lash extensions that look natural, enhance your eyes, increase volume and fullness to your natural lashes? Look no further, here at Lush our aestheticians will work with you on picking the length, thickness, how natural you want it, or if you want a bold look that emphasizes your beautiful eyes, we can do that too. We use premium lash products, made from natural hair that are very light in weight, resistant against normal heat, moisture and is water resistant. You can feel beautiful from morning to night since you won't have to remove them or put them on which is a huge time saver. Learn more about this service!

Waxing is an alternative method of hair removal, and a preferred choice for hair removal over shaving. If you want a smoother feeling, smoother looking, and longer lasting hair removal, waxing will provide you with those results. Waxing leaves no cuts or nicks, and unlike shaving, it’s less prone to rashes for those with sensitive skin. Some areas are also very difficult to shave or reach with traditional shaving, waxing can remove hair from almost any body part. You can easily tell the difference between someone who shaved versus someone who waxed, the skin simply looks smoother and cleaner with waxing. Learn more about this service!

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