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Nail Enhancement

Beautiful // Stylish // Trendy // Unique Arts & Colors

When natural nails aren't enough, and you want to enhance your nails to prepare for a huge event, or simply have nails that allow you to keep a specific look and style, our enhanced nail service will make you stand out from the crowd. Enhanced nails whether you go Acrylic or Gel, allows a larger surface to apply unique art, design and colors that fits any type of occasion. Great for clients who have soft or brittle nails where a healthy look is difficult to achieve naturally. All of our highly trained technicians will work with you to help bring out that look you've always wanted. We use the industries best premium products, and we offer a wide range of artificial nails from all sorts of sizes, shapes, length and thickness. We can sculpture, design and tailor them to your specific requirement or needs. All artificial nail service will included a cuticle clean up, a scrub of choice, followed by a hand massage and finished with perfectly polished nails to give you that fresh, sassy look you expect when getting enhanced nails! 

Full Set Acrylic


Acrylic Fill


Gel Powder Full Set


Gel Powder Fill


Liquid Gel Full Set (Includes Gel Polish)


Liquid Gel Fill (Includes Gel Polish)


Pink and White Full Set


Pink and White Fill


Pink Fill


Silk Nails Full Set


Silk Nails Fill


Polish Change - Artificial


Gel Polish Add On


Gel Top Coat Add On


Nail Art Add On

$5 & UP

French Polish


Nail Repair Add On

$3 & UP

Take Off With Service


Take Off


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Note: All Artificial Nail services apply to finger nails

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