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Beautiful // Rejuvenating // Hygienic

Your hands, one of the most used and exposed part of your body deserves a treatment and just like anything in life, they require regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. On top of the relaxing treatment and the glamour it offers, in general, one of the main reasons to get a manicure is to rejuvenate your hands, and to improve the overall health of your finger nails. A manicure prevents rough edges, dry skin, dry cuticles, prevents the likelihood of experiencing ingrown fingernails, and is a great hygienic practice. To top it off, our hand massage that comes with all of our manicure services are simply relaxing. For some, "happy" is all they need, but the massages do help increase blood circulation and reduce muscle and joint stiffness from overworked hands. Our manicurists are trained to focus on nail areas that needs the most attention, and are experienced and educated in the area of nail treatment and preventative nail care.

Classic Manicure

Nail Trim, File, cuticle care, buff, hand scrub, hand massage and polish


French Manicure

Classic Manicure with French Polish


Spa Manicure

Classic Manicure with Paraffin Dip


Gel Manicure

Classic Manicure with Gel Polish


Gel Manicure with Soak Off

Soak off Gel Polish, Classic Manicure with New Gel Polish


Dip Gel Manicure

Classic manicure with Dip Powder Gel Polish

Dip Gel Manicure Extensions

Dip Gel Manicure with Tips

Polish Change

Trim, file, buff, polish

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