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Gift Cards Online

Anniversary // Birthdays // Celebration // Promotion

Purchasing Gift Cards has never been easier. E-Gift cards are Gift cards / Gift certificates that is not a physical paper or card. Instead, the card is all digital so the recipient never has to carry any cards around, or potentially lose it! You simply purchase the card online, and Lush Nail Lounge tracks the card by the recipient email, phone number or e-gift card number. The recipient (gift card holder) can be you, or anyone you choose to send it to. When the E-Gift card holder arrives at our counter to cash out, they simply provide the cashier their email, phone number or e-gift card number so the cashier can locate the card. Both Lush and E-Gift card holder can check the balances online at anytime!

E-Gift Cards are perfect for all special occasions, and best of all, you never have to leave your home to show that special someone you care :) - But if you prefer the physical card, we also have that at our salon as well!

How to purchase an e-gift card online!

Please follow these simple steps on how to purchase and use your card! Call us, or email us if you have any questions!

1. Click on this link - 

2. A new window or tab will open up on your browser

3. You will:

- Select the design of the E-Gift Card

- Select the amount

- Put in the recipient name and recipient email (your name and email if this is for you)

- Put in your name and email 

- Add a personal message

- Send instantly or select a future date 

- Pay for the card on the next page with any major CC


4. You will receive a confirmation in your email

2020-04-04 20_03_23-Window.png

5. The recipient will also receive an email that they received a gift card!

2020-04-04 21_16_43-Window.png

6. At the cashier counter, just 3 simple ways for the recipient to use their E-Gift Cards!

2020-04-04 21_20_13-Window.png
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