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What is Gel-X?

Updated: May 16

Gel-X is the newest nail extension method compared to Acrylic and Liquid Gel. Acrylic requires a nail tip (the extension) that is glued to part of your natural nail bed. Liquid Gel requires a flexible template (the form) to guide and sculpture the extension from scratch using Gel. Gel-X is a soft gel-presculptured nail bed (the extension) that sits on the entire bed of your natural nails (applied using gel, not glue) and is then cured under LED-light just like Liquid Gel. Gel polish is applied, and the designing and finishing processes are the same as all the other extension methods. Gel-X typically lasts 2-4 weeks. If you’re looking for a more straight-forward extension that's durable and lightweight while carrying the most natural look and chip resistance, Gel-X might be something you’d be interested in!

This service is now available at Lush Nail Lounge!

Photo taken by Lush Nail Lounge, Northborough, MA

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